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ECO EUROPE RECYCLING COMPANY LIMITED 》?ECO EUROPE RECYCLING COMPANY LIMITED? was established in January 2019 in the Aksaray Organization Industrial Zone. The company covers an area of 17,127 square meters. Our company adheres to the concept that "not every waste is garbage", and starts to make corresponding changes in the recycling area, and is committed to providing customers with a stable supply of high quality and good prices without reducing the quality. The company recycles various types of waste films such as LDPE, LLDPE and other kinds of waste film recycling, after manual selection, classification, crushing, cleaning reuse, and granulation machine to produce recycled plastic pellets for downstream markets. The company's products are produced and sold by themselves, with stable quality and long-term supply.

We will welcome guests from all sides with full enthusiasm and sincere attitude. The company looks forward to becoming your loyal friend and partner to create a mutually beneficial future!